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futuro del punk

$200 PFH


Figura de un Deva juntando las manos

$150 PFH


Abrazo desnudo

$200 PFH


 translation to proofreading

Reception and Internalization

First we read the manuscript in depth to capture the universe created by the author to interpret it without losing its essence.

Check and Research

It is time to study and solve doubts, together with the rest of the team, external agents, dictionaries, search engines and other tools, before starting to process the text. The lexical elections are thought and debated until all doubts are cleared.

Contacts with Author and RH

 A close three-way relationship. Our translators are readers, interpreters and creators. Their imput as  “re-creator” of your work is crucial; This is why the relationship with the writer or and publisher during the translation process has to be close. We offer three work meetings, virtual or in person.

Team Work and Flawless Writing

Coordination between the translator and the editor. This is the phase in which the copy editor revises and approves the translation. At this stage, the text is submitted to a second screen by another expert in which a thorough work of revision and correction of grammar, syntax,  content and style is done. In consultation with the author, we will rewrite texts when relevant. Our team have several decades of experience in this work.

Style with 0 Errors

We enter the quality control stage. The proofreader receives the manuscript to identify minor errors, such as typological mistakes and any errors that occur in the design process. A proofreader reads mainly the copy of the manuscript to verify consistency and design.

Reread and delivery

Final rereading and polishing. The manuscript returns to our translator. Before proceeding to the delivery and after having let it rest the text is subjected to a process of rereading and finishing to adjust some loose end or final detail until the satisfaction with the result is 100%.

7 steps to achieve an expert, expedite and thorough translation and editing process

Book one or all services

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translation only

A professional service at competitive prices never compromising quality. $0.10¢ per word.


translation andcopyediting

We translate and copyedit your manuscript The proofreading is free. $0.15¢ per word.


copyediting only

A thorough revision of your text, grammar, syntax, continuity and re write at $0.08¢ per word.




Your manuscript will be free of typos, we will spot and remove minor errands. $0.05¢ per word.

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